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About Us

Hoobbe is a designer brand from Hong Kong. We take optimism, relaxed humor and innovation as the design blueprint, combined with popular culture to design practical products that make people smile. Users can enjoy a cheerful and happy experience every day. The team has promoted its ideas all over the world, and has been well received in Europe, the United States and other places. The brand manager has won dozens of product design awards (iF, Red Dot, HKDA Global Design Award...) at home and abroad. He is the first one to bring “Pop Culture Industrial design concept” to the market since 1995.

“Design is our Hobby!”

We design products, and you design your living. Design is our hobby!

Hoobbe loves to design interesting and practical products, and users are designing their own lives at the same time. This is our hobby in pursuing a better life! The team brings the hobbies of design to work. We enjoy every moment we spend with design and bring joy to the lives of users. We connect with customers by design, the team provides interesting and practical products, and the users act as their own life designers, and together add daily fun with design.